Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, so the more I explore this place, the more I fall in love with it. I had SUCH a great weekend here! Saturday morning I went for a run by the river which of course I loved, then came back, cleaned my room a bit (I TOTALLY NEEDED TO), then had lunch with the family. After that, Adrienne and I went out to explore a bit, shop, etc. We also had wanted to get coffee of course, and I had seen a place called "Duffin Dagels" posted online. Basically a knock off Dunks! So you can imagine I was overjoyed that we found it. Finally, I felt at home.

At home that is, until I read the menu. Of course, I expected to go in and order my normal large french vanilla iced coffee, skim milk and two sugars. But nope. Coffee here is of course served basically one way. Small, and with milk. So this is what I got.

Oh, Spain. What am I going to do. Whatevs. Anyway, after that, Adrienne and I wanted to find a different cafe with WiFi, so we could do homework. As we were strolling along on our way, we accidentally bumped into a random parade that was going on. Typical day in Sevilla, right? No big deal, just a parade. No one really knew what it was for. Some people thought it was for Pre-Carnival celebration, which is at the end of February. But I don't really know. All I know is that it was really cool and so random, and I loved it!

So after that, we hung out a bit at a cafe called Café y Té, got some work done, and then after that went home, changed, and around 9 we met up with some friends to go out for Tapas! We went to a placed called Levies, which I really loved! I got two dishes: spinach with garbanzo beans, and mushroom and leak au gratin. BOTH WERE AMAZING OHHHH MYYY GOSHHH! Loved every second. And then we all got some gelato! :) Ahh, soo good. I got mente de chocolate aka mint chocolate chip YESSS! And after that, we met up with some other friends and hit the bars! Gotta love the Spanish way. We went to the famous street by the river, Calle Betis, where everyone goes. We were out until 3am! So much fun, but pretty exhausting!

Sunday morning, I slept in. Yup, I, Katie Zarrilli, did not get up until ten. Pretty sure that's a record. So I got up, had my daily toast with jelly and coffee, and then went out for a run with my friend Daysy. Great run and a great time, but somewhere in all the greatness, I lost the key to my house. Smooth move ex-lax. So today Maribel had to get a new one for me. 6.50 euros. Dang. But whatevs I guess. After that, came home, did the lunch thing, then Adrienne and I went out to explore more of this amazing place! We went to the Plaza de España, which someday I'll figure out what exactly it is, but for right now it's just a gorgeous place that I love!

After that, we went to another cafe (gotta love living the cafe life in Spain), called Café de Indias, which was wicked cute and I really liked it! However, my coffee luck strikes again. Adrienne orders some cappucino that looked delicious and nice and big. I order a coffee, and it comes out the size of a dixie cup. I'll never win here. But it was still pretty good and it was fun to just hang out there.



So I'd say it was a weekend of exploring. Though of COURSE I still have so much more to explore! It's so awesome though just to have so much I've yet to see and do. It just makes me so excited for these five months! I love this city and I can't wait to learn more and just live it up! Gahh :)
Today was a solid start to the week! Just had class, came home, ate, ran, then went out shopping with Adrienne and Ky again in the city center! Now I'm home, exhausted, and ready for bed! But gotta say the best part of my day was skyping with my MOM because it's her BIRTHDAY!!!!! :) :) Love you Mom, miss you every second and I'm so glad we skyped!! You're the best and I hope the rest of your day is amazing!

Anyway, it's about time for me to hit the hay! I'll be updating soon though, as I'm sure this week will be crazy. Thanks for reading! Buenas noches a todos!

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