Monday, January 17, 2011

Departing in an hour...

It's 10:01. My plane leaves at 11:10, I board at 10:40. I just said goodbye to my family and headed through security. It was of COURSE emotional, and I already miss them like crazy. My grandma came too, and I said bye to her also. So far everything has gone really smoothly. We left my house at 6am, got to Logan by like 8 and it wasn't busy at all today (I guess no one flies on Martin Luther King day?) and so I got to hang out for a bit before going through security. Of course I received the lovely pat down from the TSA, but I'm good! Now I'm just sitting waiting for my flight to start boarding. Like I said, it was really hard to leave my family and I can't stop thinking of them, and all my friends that I'll miss, but I'm ready to take on this adventure and I think I can do it! 20 more minutes until boarding. Ahh. Well, I better make sure I'm ready. I'll be in touch when I get to Spain! Here goes nothing!

Mom, Dad, Krit -- I love you so much! Thanks for everything.

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