Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time for SCHOOOL.

Alright, so class has begun! For the next two weeks we're in what they call the "intensive session", which means we take one class for three hours a day every day. Mine's Intensive Advanced Spanish Grammar every day from 12-3. Sounds fun, right? Yeah. Not bad so far, I need the grammar help haha! Anyway, so every day I meet my friends Adrienne and Kylene, AKA Ky, who are in my class too, and we walk there together. It's like a 30 minute walk both ways, but the first day it took about an hour both ways because we got lost haha, but it's fine. So our professor is pretty cool, but since we have only two weeks of this class, it feels like there's a ton of work. Our first homework was to go to the public library and then write a two page essay describing it. Wasn't awful, we all needed practice on SER and ESTAR. Tomorrow morning we have to go to the Mercado de Triana and then get recipes from the woman who works there, and then write another essay for friday about that. Not to mention we have an exam on friday. See what I mean about PACKING IT ALL IN TWO WEEKS? Gah. I just hope once I get into classes at the University things will relax a bit more. I still feel so tired. I mean granted it's been one week, but it feels like it's been years already!
So class has been pretty good, and other than that not too much has gone on. Yesterday afternoon I was happy that I got to go for a run, and I ran along the bridge and next to the river which was absolutely beautiful! After that, Adrienne, Ky, and I did some shopping along the street San Jacinto, which had tons of sales and some cool stores! I bought gum, toothpaste, and razors. The bare minimum I'd say. Then we hit up the library again, and wrote our papers!
So that's kind of been my life lately. Kind of boring. Class, eat, homework, sleep. Once classes start everything gets boring! But let me see what other pictures I can find for you!

Not sure exactly what this is but it was on the street. Gorgeouss!

Plaza de España -- SO gorgeous!

Still the plaza. Pardon my nasty appearance - orientation BLAH!

Another view from the top of Arco de la Frontera

I need to take more pictures. So that's the next thing I'll be getting on. I want to show you my house, room, maybe family, and class buildings, etc! Just give me some time. For now, I need to rest a little bit. Like I said, I'm pretty exhausted still. I'll be posting very soon! Missing everyone at home like crazy! Thanks for reading :)
Hasta luego.

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  1. Estoy aquí, todos los días. !Qué lo pases Bien! Y, Viva España. d