Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lo siento. I know it's been too long!

Wowowowowowow. Alright, so you all probably hate me and are over following my blog because I haven't blogged in what feels like years. But the good thing is is I have a TON to blog about now! I've honestly been SO busy it's not even healthy. Where do I even start? Hmm. Alright. Last week we finished up our intensive course (THANK GOD!) Love Spanish grammar, but three hours a day for two weeks straight is a little much for me. Yeah, so that got over friday! We took our final exam and handed in essays, and it's dunzo! :) So then it was QUITE the weekend of adventures in Spain let me just tell you!
After class on friday, Adrienne, Ky, and I went to El Centro and did some shopping. You probably are starting to think that's all we do, but it's not. I honestly rarely buy anything, I'm kind of just obsessed with walking around El Centro (Krit, reminds me of our Old Port times..BEST!) Anyway, so we did that. And then for the night, we met up with some other friends from our program and went to a popular discoteca, Buddah! This place was REALLY sick. Three floors, dancing everywhere, cool bars, tasty drinks, ahh it was awesome! So we went there, danced all night and it was a blast! I definitely got a taste of Spanish boys..let's just say they're QUITE A BIT friendlier than I'm used to. They have NO problem coming to dance with you, and dancing pretty FRIENDLY too. Gotta love it. Hahah, and so we had a BLAST there, didn't end up coming home until 5:30 IN THE MORNING!!! I felt like a true Spaniard. It was awesome, walking back to our houses we heard birds chirping haha! It was such a blast though, and it's the Spain way!
Saturday I planned on sleeping in as long as I could, but I woke up around 10:30, and went for a run with my friend Daysy! Later on, her, me, Adrienne, Ky, and some of our other friends went out shopping in El Centro, and just walked around a bit too! Ohh, the other reason that everyone shops all day every day is because the sales here are all through February and then they stop for like ever, so everyone buys stuff while it's cheap! So after that, we all went home, and had dinner with our families and such, and then we hit up a bar/club called Boss, where some of our Spanish friends' band was playing! I was pumped, but the problem was that there was a SERIES of bands playing, and the one we wanted wasn't until LAST and the bands before were somewhat EMO and not to my liking. So needless to say, we kind of rolled out, and found another bar to hang out at for a bit. It was fun, but I was pretty tired from my late night beforehand. After a little time at the bar, we were about ready to call it a night, but decided first to make a stop at the CHURRO STAND, which was obviously a great way to end any night in Spain!
Sunday was also pretty packed. Daysy and I ran again in the morning, and then for the afternoon, Adrienne, Ky, and I went to church! THIS was quite the experience. The place was called Sala Encounter, and I really liked it don't get me wrong (we'll probably go back!) but the church had the creepiest and weirdest location ever. Kind of in the ghetto, and the building was grey, had no windows or doors, and had graffiti all over it. We were SO skeptical, but the only reason we went in was because we saw a woman go in with her two kids, so we figured it was alright. Once we got in, everyone was really inviting and nice and we met a lot of people. But this place is seriously NOT your average church. Had all different color lights, smoke coming from where the band plays, seriously different stuff! Once we sang, it was pretty similar to normal church, but it was also cool to be able to sing songs in Spanish! I really liked that. And the rest of the service was basically the same, singing, message, etc. But it was still a wicked different atmosphere and all! Very cool and a very great experience. I think we'll go back next Sunday! And after that, we went home, had dinner, then geared up for the SUPERBOWL! Yup, broadcasted at 12:30am in Spain. So a bunch of us went to an American bar, Phoenix, to watch the game! Completely crammed with Americans, but totally fine. I figured since it was the Superbowl, I should order my first beer? Seemed to fit the occasion. Yeah, not a big beer person. I think I finished 1/4 of it. Nasty stuff. But whatevs, I tried. Anyway, so we watched the game which was fun, BUT THE PROBLEM WAS that Spain didn't broadcast the American commercials! SO LAME. So, pretty much 3/4 of the reason I watch the superbowl was down the drain! But its alright. We stayed until about halftime, because by that point it was about 3am and we all had class in the morning, so we left. It was still so much fun though and so worth how tired I was the next day/still am!
So..Monday began LEGIT classes. I had one at 9, which is a class with CIEE that is like a journalism seminar where we work on a magazine and get to write stories and stuff (OBVIOUSLY SICK) and then I tried out some classes at the University! ABSOLUTELY exhausting. Listening to professors talk and trying to understand even a few words, walking around aimlessly to find classrooms, it has been a HECTIC WEEK! One class, the professor didn't show Monday, then came for a half hour yesterday. One class the professor really sounded as if he were a cartoon character. I mean, it's nuts. But this week and next week I'm going to keep going to classes, and by the end of next week I'll know exactly what ones I'm taking! I'm also taking another one through CIEE, Mass Communication and Society in Spain. Which sounds GREAT and I was thrilled about, but so far it's been not too great. One of the kinds of professors that really has no lesson plan and just kind of jumps around randomly. Whatevs, it's alright, Adrienne and my other friend Brittany are in it so it works. Just have to figure out my other University classes then I'm good! Once I do that I'll be sure to let you know!
Trying to think if there's anything else.....pretty sure I covered just about everything. As you can see, it's been QUITE the past few days. I'm so exhausted. So probably hitting the hay right as soon as I finish this. Tomorrow and friday I'm checking out some more classes, and then it will FINALLY be the weekend! :) No plans as of now, but I'm sure some things will come together. Alright, well sorry this was so LONG and dense and I don't have pictures! Next one will be better, I promise.
Buenas noches a todos.


  1. Dont even say you finished 1/4 of the beer. More like 1/8

  2. Thanks for keeping her honest Ky-Life203 :-)

    Nice update Katie. Sounds like the pace of events has not slowed down any. Can't wait to hear more on Skype today!

    Love, Dad