Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Que un viaje..

Well, I’m absolutely exhausted from such a long day, but I survived! I have to tell you about my insane trip here. Talk about a series of unfortunate events. My flight from Boston to New York was fine, basically two seconds long. Then from there I had a five-hour layover, but it was alright because Adrienne, who also goes to Gordon and doing this Spain program, got there around two. So we hung out together for a while, mostly talking about the fact that we couldn’t believe this day was actually real. Then, as we were sitting there, we met three other girls who were in our same program; Izzy, Nicole, and Sarah! So we all talked basically just about how excited we were and stuff. So we boarded the plane and took off around 5:30PM, and got to Madrid at 12:30PM our time, 6:30AM their time. All was well, right? Haha, well not exactly. After I got my boarding pass, I started to get really lightheaded. It got worse as I went towards customs, and when the guy asked me how long I was staying for, I started getting really dizzy. Another woman then came up to me and asked me if I was pregnant. Mmm, not so much. Then I remember trying to sit down on the ground, and the woman picked me up and brought me into a different room. (Which Adrienne told me later looked somewhat intense: a woman with a large gun carrying your friend away from customs, normal?) I remember sitting down, and then waking up on the floor to one woman holding my legs up and the other pulling the gum out of my mouth and Adrienne was right there too. I sat up finally, and a woman handed me a Cocacola which I can tell you has never tasted better. After that, I got some food in me, and was good to go. So, my first day in Spain, and I faint at customs. Sweet. But hey, I thought it was a funny experience to share. Wish I could say the day got a little better from there, but we ended up being delayed for SEVEN HOURS in the Madrid airport waiting to get to Sevilla. We waited 7 hours for a flight that took 43 minutes. How does that even work? Agh well, we got to Sevilla around 3:30, got to our hotel probably around 4:15. We checked our bags in, got into our rooms, and then had some free time before dinner. SO I SKYPED MY WONDERFUL FAMILY J Well, only Kristi and mom! Missed you Dad! SOON! But it was great, and then we had dinner, scrambled eggs first then some type of codfish, interesting Spain, but I’m too tired to even care. It’s definitely time for bed. Our day begins at 8am tomorrow, and it’s packed! I’ll be sure to update on how it goes! For now, it’s time for me to hit the cama! Buenas noches!

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