Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me duele mi cerebro

Okay, so we just spent the weekend in Cadiz at a hostel type place like I told you about. Basically it was a weekend of full on immersion in Spanish. There were about twenty of us and I want to say..12 spanish students? So, we all were pretty much forced to be speaking nothing but spanish all the time. Of course we all cheated, especially because the spanish students loved to practice their english on us! But anyway, so we left Sevilla around 9, got there around 11, and we started out by each getting a partner to talk to for an hour. It was so hard for me! I'm so not used to having conversations in spanish for long periods of time, and it's so frustrating not to be able to articulate and say what I mean to say. But I knew this would happen and I know it will take time, and I do feel somewhat like I'm improving, poco a poco. So after that we had lunch, and then, because we're in Spain, we all took SIESTAS! Again, I'm totally not a siesta-taker, but I actually slept and it felt good. I've been so exhausted from such a crazy week. Anyway, after that we had more one on one conversations, and then had to give small presentations to our program director, Jose Luis Martinez. I presented for about 3 minutes about my family, but I think it was fine! After that was dinner, which wasn't bad, but I was actually happy to say I miss my host-mom's cooking. (Don't worry Mom, I miss yours most of all!!) But yeah, and then after that, we all went out to a pub, and stayed there until about 2am! SO not me! But I am proud to say I did have my first drink. I guess it's a local favorite - Tinto de Verano - a red wine with a lemon type soda mix? It was good! :)
This morning, we got up early, had breakfast, and were supposed to go on a hike en el Bosque in Cadiz, but the rain stopped us! So instead we just did more activities all morning. We did some competitions and we won bracelets that say "No Hablo Ingles" and there were prizes for the number of bracelets you had at the end. I had three, so I won a sick CIEE T-shirt. But those who know me know that T-shirts are my LIFE and so I was pretty PUMPED!
We had lunch after that, and then we went to Arco de la Frontera, a BEAUTIFUL city! I can't describe it at all, but I'll put up pictures soon enough! But yeah, it was pretty beautiful and amazing and the pictures I put up soon won't do it justice. After that, we headed back to Sevilla! I came home, and my host-mom made me paella, which is a wicked popular dish here with rice and different types of fish. Might have been my favorite one of her meals yet! Loved it..way to go Maribel! I sat and talked with her a while after dinner too. She's so great! After that, me and some friends went to a pub to watch football. I wasn't too into it, but it was fun anyway! Now I'm in my comfy bed and dying to go to sleep. It's a school night. I have class tomorrow at 12. We have to take one "intensive class" the first two weeks before university classes start. So for three hours a day I'll be learning spanish grammar. Can't wait, but I DO need it! So I'm off to bed, but I'll be sure tomorrow to put up pictures and let you know how my first day goes!
Buenas noches,

PS - Funny story. I can't for the life of me use the key right to unlock the door. Tonight as I was coming back home - got in around 12:30, couldn't open the door. Luckily my host-brother Jorge was up. But he then spent about 10 minutes trying to explain it to me. I had success for the time being, but I PRAY this gets better!! I pretty much fail every time trying - luckily my host-mom was here when I got back before dinner. Ugh. My life. I'm studying abroad in a foreign country, speaking a different language, living with strangers...and I can't open a door. Hm.

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