Friday, January 21, 2011


This one's going to be pretty short - just wanted to fill you guys in on what I've been up to since my last post. It's kind of weird how I'm getting addicted to posting, but I like it. Anyway, last night we had more tapas - I had marinated carrots and chicken with almond sauce! DELICIOSO :) After that, we went to a coffee shop and had ColaCao - aka Spain's hot chocolate. It was amazing of course and SO much fun! I feel like I've laughed so much here. We ended up staying there until really late - almost 12. Then we walked back and I got all warm in my AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE bed and then slept for the first night in my new house! :) I slept so easily and I already decided one of the worst things about leaving is going to be parting with this incredible bed.
This morning, Maribel woke me up at 8 and gave me some frosted flakes for breakfast! I loved it. She sat with me as I ate, which was so cute because I knew she was going back to bed after. Then I had to rush out and go to more orientation stuff at the university, basically just learning more about classes and stuff. They don't start until Monday but it's weird. I'll explain when we start.
Then I came back here around 2 and Maribel had made me some type of beans with fish, and I polished it off with some fruit! Loved it. After that, got in a quick Skype sesh with the fam, then walked around a bit, and then we had to go back to the program place, CIEE, to learn about all the different activities going on in Sevilla. Maybe I'll join some, but for now I'm just going to try to get my life situated here before I jump on any bandwagons. After that, came home, it was probably around 8:30, Maribel made me an omlette with tomatoes and rice, and I just sat with her for a while and watched TV. Later, my friends and I polished off the night by going out for churros! Fueron maravillosos. I haven't had a churro in SO long. I think I've had one once in my LIFE. But anyway, it was a blast and I loved it!
Sorry, I feel like I rushed this one. Tomorrow we have an immersion excursion weekend - should be interesting. 12 spanish students, 24 american students, no english allowed. Mmmm! Well, I need to sleep for this great adventure. Hasta luego!

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  1. Katie!!!! This is Wendy. I am using Andy's google account because I don't have my own. I am loving your blog! I read it and just smile thinking about you there and enjoying yourself so much. I am sooooo happy for you. Miss you tons! Bummer about the iced coffee :( haha. Take Care!!! xoxoxox ~Wendy