Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fin de Semana..FINALMENTE

My first actual relaxing WEEKEND! I'm so glad it's here. I feel like things have been insane, and so finally I have two days to hopefully take a breather and just relax a bit! But this week's been pretty good. Half way done with the intensive class which is good. We had an exam yesterday (hoping it went well) and we also had two papers to hand in last week, so I was definitely working a lot! So one week to go with those and then it will be time for University classes. I'm totally freaked out to take them, but I think I can do it. I'm pretty sure no one here wants to hear me babble on about being nervous to take classes, so I'll stop. :)
Since it was finally friday, my friends Adrienne, Ky, and I were excited to not have to do homework! So for the afternoon, we went to a place called Plaza Nueva and shopped for a bit! We went to a place called Corte Ingles, which I'm pretty sure is Spain's version of Target. Haha - it was fun! We walked around other little shops too, they have pretty cute stuff here! I confess, I bought gum. It's expensive here though so I need to cut down. Mom -- care package? :)
For the night, we went to a place called Calle Betis, it's the street by the river here. We wanted postres (desserts), but it took us forever to find them, and the one I got, I wasn't a fan of. It was flan? I'd never had it, but I tried it. Yeah, over it! Then we walked around for a little, just peaked into a few bars, but called it a night early. We're all exhausted and need to catch up on some sleep!
Today I'm not sure my plans! My family's not even awake yet (at 9:45AM I can't believe it!) but I think Adrienne and I will hang out for most of the day and do some more exploring! I'll let you know what we end up doing!
I've got some more pictures for you to see my life here :)
I look gross but here's us at the bridge! Adrienne, me, Ky

My bathroom!

My bed -- a mess of course! Some things never change.

My rooooooooom!


Missing everyone at home so much! Thanks for reading.

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