Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mañana me voy..


Let me preface this blog by explaining why it's taken me so long to write. Well, first of all, the past 3 weeks have pretty much been exams, studying, and work taking up my entire life. That, and oh yeah, oops, my hard drive decided to crash two weeks ago. Don't even know how it happened, all I can say is, I get home from school. It's about 7pm. Go make a nice cup of coffee, open up the laptop ready to get down to business an study, and its frozen. No big deal, I figure, I'll just turn it off and on again. Yeah, mistake. Turn it back on, all I get was a flashing folder with a question mark in the middle. Yeah, that can't be too good. Call Ky, she looks it up, hard drive crashed. Clearly a rough situation for a while. Not only was I in finals, but I was without a computer for a good week. It was pain. But it's OVER now, I got through it, got through my exams, and now am leave?

So I don't really know where to start with this post. I mean, it probably won't be too long...I have no idea what to write about. Feelings? Things I've done for 3 weeks? I don't even KNOW! I mean, I have done some pretty fun and exciting things that I'm sure you'd love to hear about, that is, if anyone's even still reading this. I feel so bad I ditched but I really have been crazy busy! I took my last final on Thursday, for Lope de Vega, and then this week I just had to finish up some work and turn it in, which now it's all set and turned in! Can't believe it, done! A SENIOR IN COLLEGE! But what I really can't believe is that this semester is actually over. I leave tomorrow, to head home to the good 'ol US of A! Granted I am absolutely dying to get home and see my family, it is going to be SO weird to leave here. It's not like just going home after a semester of college, it's like going home from a place that you actually have made into your home for 5 months. You're leaving your home away from home, and how do you comprehend that?! In less than 12 hours my taxi is coming to pick me up. At this time tomorrow I'll be on the plane from Madrid to New York. And tomorrow night, I'll sleep in MY house! Seriously has to be the weirdest thing in the world. What I'm SO excited and SO happy about is the fact that Ky is on my flight from Sevilla to Madrid! So we get to go together, and have breakfast, and then depart in the Madrid airport. I mean, our departure will totally be sad, but I know for sure I'll see her again! Not even a question in my mind. But I'm really going to miss her. I can honestly say she has become one of my best friends. And I am SO so thankful for that.

But enough of the mush and gush - we all know I'm sad to leave but so thrilled to be home! So time to catch you up on LIFE really fast! So lately I've just been seriously enjoying my last few days here! So it's easy, I'll list what I've done - because explaining three weeks worth of adventures would just NOT work for me. Too long of a post, too little time. Seriously, down to 11 and a half hours here! (PS -- I will probably write another post on the 8 hour and 20 minute plane ride tomorrow. Might be longer. More detailed. Etc. But for now I just want to catch you up really quickly on what I've been doing AND my emotions and thoughts on my last day!!! So I will write more tomorrow - but here's a quick catch up.

3 weeks. Ready. GO!
- Ky and I went to the beach in Cádiz -- super nice!
- We had our end of the year fiesta for ALA - super fun! We all bonded. It was great!
- Saw Pirates 4. AMAZING. They referenced Sevilla...and we FREAKED OUT! Seriously sick.
- Saw Midnight in Paris - really good! Yes, I have been to the movies twice in the past two weeks. And I love it!
- Got some Rayas ice cream!
- Saw the bull ring FINALLY. I've lived here and never seen it! DUMB.
- Went paddleboating...again.
- Went back to the Alcazar gardens! They are gorgeous duh :)
- WE ALL HAD PIZZZA NIGHT! There was a huge group of us girls. Went back to the wonderful amazing pizza place and then we all sat out by the rio and hung out until, yeah probably like 2am! SO much fun. And this time I tried the vegetarian pizza..TO DIE FOR! Eggplant, zuchinni, egg, tomato, OMG SO GOOD!
- Last night Ky, Brittany and I went out for drinks with our geography tutor, Rocio! It was so much fun. She's hilarious. One of my favorite things to hear is Spanish people speak English. It's GREAT -- like for example. We were talking about the world FLIRT right. And she had no idea what I was saying. 2 seconds later she says, "OHHHH, FLEEE-URT!" hahahh, that's how she pronounces flirt. I mean, you definitely had to be there but we had a good laugh. Because then she was freaking out about how she learns a word like, party, in english. To her it would sound like "parTy" but to us, she imitated us saying it like "pardy". That's one thing I'm going to totally miss - just being surrounded by a different culture ALL the time! It's seriously so cool and I feel like I learn something new every day. Kind of hoping I can keep that up.
- Also have DEFINITELY hit up Rayas, my fav ice cream place! We went the other night, SO good, and then we met up with a bunch of our friends and hung out at the rio! SO much fun.
- Had a random field trip for my geography class all around Sevilla to look at it's geography.

There's probably at least 3948934 things that I'm leaving out that I've done, but I just can't remember. It's been too long. Right now my focus is just on finishing up packing, enjoying my last night here, and then leaving tomorrow at 5am. And with that, everyone who knows me knows that I will be getting 0 sleep tonight. Not possible. I am too excited and too nervous about everything and too FREAKING OUT TO EVEN THINK ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE SLEEPING! And plus, 5am? No point. It's my last night here, and I'm sure we'll be out until late anyway, just soaking up the last few bits. :( Seriously, weird.

Some photos for your enjoyment:

PEDALQUIVIR..aka paddle boats!
Our hiking guide. We're friends.
Bull ring .. in character. Not sure what I thought I was.

By the rio with our geo tutor! SO FUN. Going to miss her so much :(
Oh, forgot to mention this was where we had our party. GORGEOUS RIGHT?
All my pals at the rio. This makes me really sad - FUN times though!

But anyway, so now you're update on the past 3 weeks - they went well minus the laptop crisis! Now I'm just praying I can recover all my stuff when I get back home. LORD PLEASEEEE!!!!!! But yeah, last day. Feeling weird. Don't get it. BUT SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY! I've been counting down, shhh! I AM SO EXCITED. Freaking out. Gah!! So thrilled.

But anyway - I'll update either tonight when I can't sleep or tomorrow on the plane! Off to go enjoy my last few hours! Pray for my flight.

Hasta luego,

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