Wednesday, May 18, 2011

El principio del fin

Yeah alright so, I feel like it's the beginning of the end. It's really the weirdest feeling in the world. I'm starting to realize how many days I have left, and realizing that it's not many. 23 to be exact! But like, it's flying by already. I can't explain my feelings about it all. For the one hand, I'm already so stressed out from all of these exams and classes, so it will be nice when things are done, but I seriously can't imagine saying goodbye to this gorgeous place and the amazing people here! Going to be SO weird. But anyway, I won't bore you with my boring emotions. At least not yet.

So, I feel like lots has happened! I think the last time I blogged was before the weekend that Adrienne left, which was SUCH a fun weekend, but sad at the same time! Let me remember what happened. Alright, thursday night, we went out for a little bit after dinner! We walked to this plaza Alfalfa, which has a bunch of bars. A lot of people from Adrienne's program were there, because they were all leaving friday! So weird. So we hung out there for a little bit, talked to them, and then busted out. Funny thing I have to mention though - it's Thursday night, I'm out walking, 12am right..who do I see but my Crítica Literaria professor! Haha, he was out having dinner with a younger woman. Interesting. We talked for a little, he told me it was a perfect night to be out relaxing. Haha, gotta love him. Mind you, this is the same one who said that you need to lie in life in order to survive. Gotta love this man. Haha, anyway, so after going to Alfalfa, the three of us just headed down to the river for a bit to hang out! It was great, probably stayed until around 2am, and then headed home for the night.

Friday was Ky and my big STUDY DAY! We were dedicated to getting some geography done. Basically, we got up at 9am, parked it at Starbucks, and hit the books, INTENSELY! (Had that exam today, I'll talk about that later, but thank GOD it's done. All I'm going to say!) Anyway, so we studied all day, went home for lunch, and then Adrienne had to do some last-minute souvenir shopping! So, we went along with her and just spent the day walking around El Centro shopping for souvenirs. Got you something Kristi! :) BAHA!

Ohh -- have to write this. Just love my host mom. So before I go to go out shopping with the three amigos, I tell my host mom my plans. Just, ya know, going shopping. And I mean, it's a pretty hot day, got my shorts and T-shirt on. What T-shirt? Eh, an old one of mom's. No big deal right? don't have a newer shirt to wear? This one's a little..old? CONED AGAIN! But don't worry, I stood up for myself. Pretty much what I told her, which is the TRUTH, is that I like wearing my mom's shirts because it makes me feel like she's here with me. She accepted that, and then showed me some old gloves she keeps of her mom's, and then said I can wear the T-shirt whenever I want! :) Haha, LOVE YOU MOM!

Alright so anyway, after spending the entire afternoon out, we finally did something we've been talking about doing all semester. So, there's this pizza place that we walk by EVERY night on our way home from school that just smells and looks like pure HEAVEN! So, we FINALLY went to it. And I will tell you RIGHT now, it was everything I'd ever wanted and MORE! I got a veggie pizza, basically SO amazing. Thin crust with tomatoes, mushroom, onions, artichokes, peppers, AH just so good!

Ky also got this AMAZING spinach, cheese, and potatoes dish! Can't even explain it. Seriously, so good. And it was so nice, we ate outside and just had the time of our lives talking and lingering as it got dark. :) So fun! And Ky and I pretty much decided we're making pizza a Friday THING until we leave. Which pretty much means 3 more times. Which is weird. But I'm pumped! Seriously, so great!

Anyway, so after that, we walked over to this bar-ish-thing that's on the side of the river. It's like a little hut that they serve you drinks at and you can just sit by the river and chill, and they play music too, which is so fun! Really nice atmosphere. Anyway, so they got some drinks and we just hung out talking for a while. I had a failing moment though. Alright so where you sit is like above the river and you sit on the ledge, and there's like grass and stuff below...okay whatever you'll see it in the picture, POINT IS, Katie went to take a picture with Adrienne, oops, dropped the purse down there! Haha, so had to climb through some bushes, deal with some rocky terrain. An interesting 5 minutes to say the least, but my purse made it. Weirdly enough my camera was in Ky's hand, so we could document the event! Haha.


Donde está?

Lo encontré!

And then we got the picture. :)

So, we spent the night just hanging out and laughing together at the rio! It was so great. Seriously, we don't even need to be doing anything to be having fun. Love it. Anyway, so that was pretty much the rest of our night. Just had fun talking, taking pictures, and hanging out by the rio!

Saturday, started off boring. Ugh, another morning of studying for my stupid geography exam. BLAHHHHHH! Gross. But after that, we went out again with Adrienne to continue shopping, which she was happy that she CONED ALL HER SOUVENIRS! Got everything she wanted to for everyone. Good work A! Then we went with Ky to get her TATTOOOO!!!! So exciting. So remember how I said that lady in Portugal gave us the wonderful advice on "disfruta la vida" etc? Well, Ky got that tattooed on her wrist. And it was AWESOME! It looks amazing, and it was fun to go with her and watch her get it done! She said it hurt pretty bad, but no tears! She's a warrior. So that was great, went home for dinner after that, then headed back out for the night! We went back to our fav place along the rio, and just hung out there for the night! It was so much fun, but sad at the same time, because it was A's real last night out! :( So needless to say, it went late, but it was worth it! :)

Sunday was AWESOME. We went PADDLE-BOATING along the river! It was SO much fun. We went around 1, and it was so sunny and hot and just the perfect day for it! It only cost us 15 euro for the three of us, and we got a boat for an hour! It was seriously so great. Ky brought her iPod, so we paddled down our rio singing along with tunes and enjoying the amazing weather! Great times, great friends, EVEN GREATER PICS! Of course. My favorite thing Ky said that night was, we were talking about how Spanish people listen to SO MANY American songs. I swear on the playlist (of the bar with the music), like every other song was Rihanna, Beyonce, or Justin Timberlake. Ky goes, "THEY LISTEN TO EVERYTHING IN ENGLISH. I JUST WANNA BE LIKE, PERDON, ENTIENDES ALGO?!?!" Aka, do you understand ANYTHING? Hahah, it was just so funny! But they really do have so much American music. Doesn't bother me though, love pieces of home! :)

Our bridge! Different view now!

My soulmate!

Te echo de menos.

Los Tres <3

So we did that for a while, and then headed home and spent the afternoon studying (GROSS). And then after dinner, we went out for ice cream at our favorite place, Rayas! Of course it was so great and amazing, because this ice cream place is legit the best in Sevilla, EVERYONE says so, but it was also really sad because after that, we said bye to Adrienne! She was leaving for the good ol US of A at 7am the next morning! Not fun saying bye, but I'll see her next semester and Ky will definitely be visiting the East Coast, so, not too worried! But, its sad without her here. Kind of feels like, and then there were two. But, at least we got a picture of our final time crossing the bridge together. Makes me sad, but I love it at the same time.


So anyway, Monday began the normal week. Adrienne-less. :( Not like I had much time to be sad though, because I had an EXAM IN GEOGRAPHY TO STUDY FOR! I spent all day Monday and Tuesday studying, of course, and took the exam today. It was hard, I'm just hoping I passed. I wouldn't do well on a geography exam in ENGLISH let alone in Spanish! But all I need is a passing grade and I'm set! :) It is nice to have it done though, but it just freaks me out! I like the US system a lot better, exams are not your ENTIRE GRADE! Seriously. Hate it!! But we'll see! Time will tell!!! Haha. Now I just have two more, and some final work to do, and it will all be over on June 2nd, and then I have some free time until the 10th, when I leave. It's all coming fast, but I definitely have a TON of work to do before I leave! But I needed a mental break now, so blogging was the perfect option. :) I'll hopefully know my grade within a few weeks!

So yeah, that's where I am right now. Just finishing up classes and getting ready for deathly exams, and enjoying my last few weeks! This weekend Ky and I want to do some work and then hopefully hit a BEACH up, and then we're going hiking on Sunday, so looking forward to that!!! But for now, just enjoying the rest of the journey. Don't want it to end. But missing my family, and everyone back home, and so I am excited to get home. Ky and I even said the other day -- we've been so many places, and seen so many things and learned so much, but at the end of the day, there is no place like home. Just call me Dorothy. But don't worry, I'm going to enjoy the rest of this wonderful adventure! :)

Have to say before I go - LOVING my host family. The other day they were ridiculing me non-stop for wearing a Sevilla jersey! They're Betis fans, like I said. Host dad said call the police. Jorge pretended not to talk to me. All jokes, but I love them! And the other day, my host dad was helping me study for geography! Told me all about the climate here. Haha, so funny. Reminded me of doing math homework at home with dad all those years ago. Of course, I didn't scream and cry to my host dad like I used to. Haha. LOVE YA DAD!

But anyway, I can't think of anything else exciting in my life to write about. So better stop now, before I bore you! Just know, enjoying and soaking up every minute of Sevilla! The end will be here before I know it.

Hasta luego

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