Saturday, April 16, 2011

3 Months Later..

Alright, so I know it's been a little bit, but I finally have time to write because I'm finally on my first of two spring breaks -- Semana Santa of course! (Aka, Holy Week). I'm excited to have the week off and I'm excited about seeing all of the processions and the stuff that goes on here during Holy week -- only thing I'm not so excited about is the MADNESS that I hear comes with it. I mean, legit, they have been setting up railings and chairs all over El Centro for like a week or so now. I just can't imagine the amount of people that are going to be in the streets watching processions. Going to be insane. Whenever I ask someone from here, or my host mom or something about it, they warn me that it's going to be pretty rough, but worth seeing. I mean, obviously they are used to it so they're pretty much OVER IT, so hopefully to me because it's something new it will be EXCITING and GREAT! :) That's the attitude I'm going to take to it anyway.

PS - It's been exactly three months today since I left the good 'ol US of A! Less than two to go, can't believe it. Weirdest feeling. Feel like I just left but also feel like it's been forever. GAH TIME IS SO CONFUSING NEVER WILL UNDERSTANNDD!

So there really hasn't been too much going on here other than that. Last weekend was pretty mellow, let me remember what happened. On Friday, Adrienne and I decided that we wanted to check out a park! There are like 5 parks in Sevilla, so we decided before we leave we're going to make it our goal to visit all five. Well, last weekend we made it to two, so that was solid. On friday we took the bus to Parque Alamillo, which is PRETTY far from where we live, but it was really beautiful! Walking through the park we came across a random Flea Market, with food, clothes, ALL KINDS of stuff being sold! So random but so cool at the same time. So anyway, we found a nice spot by the water and hung out there for the afternoon. After that, we got on the bus and headed to a bar, Flaherty's, because they were playing the opening game of the Red Sox and the Yankees! Adrienne is a HUGE Yanks fan, so she was pretty pumped to do that! I mean, I love my Sox but not like I would die if I didn't see the game! But it was fun, we didn't see it all, but we were there for a bit and it felt good to be watching some good old American baseball!

The next day, we decided it was time to hit up park number two! So we went to Parque María Luisa, which is near Plaza de España, which I posted pictures of WAAAAAAY in the past! But you better remember because it's probably the most gorgeous thing ever. But anyway, the park was pretty nice too! A lot more touristy than the first one, obviously because it's by all the tourist spots! But it was still nice to sit there, relax, and chat it up for the afternoon. After that, it was still nice out, so we hit up Starbucks and sat outside for a bit! It's so weird the weather here, if it's sunny, it will stay pretty legitimately sunny and hot until like 8pm! It's AWESOME but SO WEIRD AT THE SAME TIME! I swear, 4 o'clock here feels like when it's noon at home! Can't get over it.

Sunday was a GREAT DAY! Why? Well, remember my last post about our last hike through the treacherous rain? Yeah, well, Sunday we went hiking again and it TOTALLY MADE UP FOR IT! It was sunny and beautiful, and we went hiking with CIEE again! I'm so bad at remembering what the names of all of these places are, but we ended up in a town called Aracena? It was about a four-five hour long hike I want to say. Of course, stopped for lunch halfway! This hike was pretty intense though, lots of uphill climbing, and definitely some rough terrain we had to cross! But it was really a great day, MUCH better than my last hiking experience! Haha, but I guess the fact that they are all different makes it that much more fun! We probably got home around 5ish, so I came home and made myself a nice cup of coffee :) Delicious, but I can't wait until I'm home and can look forward to actual coffee, instead of pretending that I love instant coffee. DUNKS I NEED YOU.


So this week went by pretty fast. Not too many exciting things went down -- just a pretty normal week at school. Nothing too much to say about it, classes normal, everything the same. I'm happy its over though because now it's time FOR SEMANA SANTA, like I said before!

This week is going to be pretty crazy. Not only because it's Semana Santa, but also because DMA IS COMINGGGGGGG! Well, correction. She's actually already in Spain. Her and her friend Joan are taking a trip around Spain currently, and they end in Seville on the 20th and will be here for 5 days! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! We'll see Seville, hit up great places, ah, just too excited. I think I might cry at seeing a familiar face. Everyone here that I tell about her coming is so impressed. "Katie, is your family visiting?" "No, BUT MY GRANDMA IS!" Haha, it's awesome! You're the best Dma!

Anyway, so until then I'm just going to keep myself busy. Today is the official start of Semana Santa, so this afternoon Adrienne and I are going to watch some processions! I'm excited. We saw what they carry yesterday in a church. CHECK IT!


La Virgen

Then I think Monday my host brother Jorge will be in a procession, so I want to see that! And I'm also going to try to BUST OUT some homework so that when Dma is here I will be FREEE TO JUST HANG OUT ALL THE TIME! Ah, just so excited.

Well, I know this one hasn't been too thrilling, but don't worry. MANY THINGS HAVE YET TO HAPPEN IN SEVILLA! Starting today. I will update soon!
Hasta luego,

PS - just have to say it. 54 days until home. Love you Sevilla, but home, I miss you too.

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